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It is very difficult to restore beauty, health and youth on your own. The beauty parlor "BINA" can help you with it.

It is very effective to take care after your skin with the help of various cosmetic procedures. Such care helps you to preserve beauty and youth for a long time. Our beauty parlor provides full-fledged care for face and skin, our specialists can correct cosmetic defects and can cope with many dermatological problems.

In our center cosmetic procedures are conducted by high-class specialists with the appropriate education and qualification, and highly effective cosmetics are used.

Regular visit to the beauty parlor "BINA" helps actively fight the signs of aging, promotes skin rejuvenation, preservation of its health.

ON-Macabim is professional cosmetics for skin care made in Israel. It is made for various cosmetic procedures in beauty salons and cosmetology centers. Professional cosmetics ON-Macabim is developed in accordance with international quality standards ISO and GMP.