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About Clinic

A New Center for Reproductive Health “BINA” Represents Medicine of New Generation!

Our clinic is a multi-field medical and preventive treatment facility. We offer consultations of infertility specialists, professors, obstetrician-gynecologists, urologist-andrologist (candidate of medical sciences); complex of laboratory and diagnostic services, ultrasound, the full IVF cycle, cryo-bank. The medical health center "BINA" specializes in assisted reproductive technologies, gynecology and andrology.

Experts in the field of gynecologic endocrinology, candidates and doctors of medical sciences, docents and professors, highly skilled doctors from Israel and Lithuania consult in our clinic.

In our center one can get the full checkup for infertility identification. Patients get the results of tests as soon as possible and in a convenient way: either via internet or in the clinic. We reach the high quality of our service due to automation of laboratory process, it reduces the influence of the human error.


All kinds of IVF, ICSI, donor programs, sex cell and embryo freezing. We’ve got cryo-bank for sex cells storage. We do everything to attract sex cell donors. Our doctors cooperated with specialists from Israel and developed complex programs of infertility overcoming for the women of all ages and different lifestyles.

Mission „BINA“

We render the highly skilled help to maintain reproductive health of the population
Infertility isn't a sentence but a diagnosis.
We will help you in realization of your happy motherhood and fatherhood!

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